The Prime Minister Imran Khan Will Launch The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program Today

The Prime Minister Imran Khan Will Launch The Sense Undergraduate Scholarship Program Today
The Prime Minister Imran Khan ( Islamabad ) (APP Ehsaas the International Press Agency .02-.2020 in March), Prime Minister Imran Khan will realize Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program, under which scholarships will be distributed to deserving intelligent students, feeling Scholarship Program Pakistan in history Greater program than. 
According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan is going to launch the largest scholarship program for youth in Pakistan today, scholarships will be distributed among the deserving students under the feeling of undergraduate scholarship program.

The Prime Minister will give the first phase of academic year 19-2020 to the Evangelical Scholarships students; Rs. 6 billion has been allocated annually for the implementation of the program. Scholarships will be given to students on the basis of need and merit, each student will be given a monthly stipend of Rs. 4,000 along with tuition fees.

Under the Sense Undergraduate Scholarships program, 50,000 students will be awarded scholarships for higher education every year, while 50% will be given to quota students and 2% will be given to students with special disabilities. 
Remember that Prime Minister Imran Khan announces 50 thousand scholarships annually, saying that there will be more good news in the coming days. Imran Khan said that schools, are prkuss education the best education you get, the system is a curriculum that is right, separate the rich the poor would not be separate courses for everyone to education will, teaching them to fix kanzam There are no bad systems for over 70 years.

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