The Mystery Surrounding Bezos’ iPhone Hack

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is blaming Pegasus Spyware, made by Israel’s NSO group, for being hacked by a mobile phone. However, the company denied the allegations. Facebook is not taking responsibility for the incident from WhatsApp. Apple is also in the face. So what secrets are hidden around Bezos iPhone hack?

Bezos received a message from WhatsApp on the personal account of Saudi Youth Mohammed bin Salman in the morning. Shortly afterwards his cellphone was hacked. According to the results of the digital forensic analysis, a malicious file was associated with the message protected by the personal number of King Bin Salman. After opening the file, Malware infiltrated the Washington Post’s owner Bezos’ phone.

After the cellphone was hacked, Bezos assigned FTI Consulting, a private security firm, to investigate. According to the analysis, Bezos’ phone was hacked using Pegasus-1 malware created by Israel’s NSO group.

The NSO group said their technology was not used in the hacking case of Bezos’ phone.

A spokesperson for the NSO group claimed that they were aware of their software activities and that their technology could not be used in any US phone number.

A statement from the NSO has already been issued denying the allegations. They say their technology is only used to investigate terrorism and serious crime. Involving the NSO in such allegations is defamatory and the NSO will walk the legal path.

According to a forensic report, Pegasus-1 Spyware was purchased by NSO on November 27 by the Saudi Royal Guard.

According to an FTI report, Bezos and Yuvraj exchanged phone numbers and contacted WhatsApp on April 27 after dinner together. Salman sent malware to the iPhone X model in Bezos on May 7 of that year. After this incident, Bezos’ phone-to-phone information rate increased by 20,000 percent.

People in the cyber world use specialized software to monitor WhatsApp. One such software is called Pegasus. WhatsApp can be monitored using software created by the NSO group in Israel. Over two dozen academics, lawyers, journalists and politicians have been monitored using Pegasus software in the last Lok Sabha elections in India. WhatsApp authorities have confirmed the matter.

A recent study by Citizens Lab at the University of Toronto, Canada, found that Pegasus was being monitored in two countries for two years with a spyware. The list includes Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, Singapore, South Africa and Switzerland.

According to a report by FirstPost, a Mumbai-based media, Citizens Lab has found an operator with the code name ‘Ganga’ (gangs) in Asia. Surveillance has been carried out in Bangladesh, Brazil, Hong Kong, India and Pakistan since June 27 with the operator.

Who hacked Bezos’ phone?

It is alleged that the malicious MP4 video file was sent to WhatsApp on May 7 from Salman’s account. Within hours, a large amount of information was stolen from Bezos’s phone. Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Washington tweeted about the name of King Bin Salman after Bezos’ cellphone hacking took place. The tweet said, “Saudi Arabia is behind the behemoth of Jeff Bezos in the media recently. This news is completely fabricated. ‘

Saudis also say, “Jeff what you have heard or been told is not true. Do you know the truth, nothing has been done by me or Saudi Arabia against you or Amazon? ‘

Complaint Apple’s direction

is owned by WhatsApp Facebook. Nick Clegg, Facebook’s chief executive officer, sees no blame for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ WhatsApp account being hacked. He called Apple’s operating system vulnerability rather than a security flaw for WhatsApp owned by Facebook.

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“Their operating system, especially their phones, has problems,” Clegg said. WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption technology. Since the hack has been talked about since sending the message, it seems like they might have something on their phone. The thing is, someone sends something harmful to your mail but won’t activate until you open it. I think it’s something like that. Their operating system has been infected by something. ‘ Although Facebook officials have complained against Apple, Apple has not commented on the matter.

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For a long time, there have been discussions between Apple and Facebook on various issues including privacy, advertising business. In the case of Bezos phone hacking it is getting a different dimension.

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