The hidden dangers of online car rental to purchase

On January 9, Didi Chuxing started to upgrade its security system and officially suspended the registration and review of new drivers for online car bookings nationwide. Didi’s previous announcement stated that the suspension of the new driver review of online car rental will carry out risk investigation and process optimization, mainly to protect the interests of drivers and prevent drivers from being “purchased by rent” with high-interest rates, high penalty fees, The yin and yang contracts are damaging.

“Purchasing by rent” means that the user pays a certain down payment first and pays the monthly rent. After 3 years of lease, the vehicle can be transferred to an individual. Because the down payment is flexible, the loan information is less reviewed, and the lending speed is faster, “purchasing with rent” has become a common car purchase method for many people who have a willingness to buy a car and have less startup capital.

With the standardization and development of the online car rental industry, many drivers do not own a car. They will choose to rent a car from a rental company, or buy a car by “rental purchasing”, and join online car rental platforms such as Didi. Engage in operations. There are many hidden risks.

Fan Chunying, the general manager of Didi ’s Xiaoju car rental business service department, told reporters that in the past year, Didi has received a lot of complaints and requests for help from online rental car drivers who “purchase and purchase”.

According to Fan Chunying, new drivers need to have an “adaptation period” when they first enter the online car rental industry. Many drivers do not have a clear understanding of actual income, personal capabilities, and personal wishes. However, due to the fixed lease term of “purchasing by rent”, the loan interest rate is high, and the cost of returning the car is high. Once the driver “repents” and wishes to return the car, he may suffer a large number of economic losses.

In addition, the contract terms of “purchasing by rent” are relatively complicated and various in form. Many drivers have signed the contract without fully understanding the vehicle ownership, loan form, and liability for breach of contract.

“Recently, in our anti-cheating operation, we found that some drivers and leasing companies rented cars through ‘purchase for rent’, then modified and forged driving license information through technical means, disguised the vehicles as personal vehicles, and then registered on Didi. “Xiao Shuangsheng, general manager of the driver service department of

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communication Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, said that “purchasing by rent” is a more common way to buy a car, and the contract between the two parties has legal effect. Didi is a platform for ride-hailing and does not have a review and management obligation for drivers’ commercial and trading activities outside of ride-hailing. However, as a social enterprise, Didi needs to fulfill certain social responsibilities and should give drivers as much risk notification and reminders as possible.

“Of course, drivers should also raise their awareness of risks, read the terms of their contracts carefully, avoid some high-interest-rate loans that are beyond their financial capacity, and don’t trust individual businesses’ commitments outside the contract.

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