The Government Changed the Rules of Social Media

For the first time, the government introduced new rules and regulations to help consumers benefit from online services.

According to the details, the Ministry of IT has introduced new rules and regulations for the maintenance of online users while a new authority will also be implemented.

The National Coordinator’s Office will be set up under the Ministry of IT. The Coordinator will be in touch with all stakeholders and the federal and provincial governments.

Ministry of IT sources say that under the new rules, any social media company will have to register with the authority within three months.

Sources added that social media companies will be bound to set up their office in Pakistan in 3 months while they will have to build their data servers in Pakistan within a year.

According to the IT regulations, the new rules require that social media companies have to block controversial or prohibited content within six hours on the complaint.

Sources in the IT department said that if the companies do not cooperate, the authority can fine up to Rs 50 crore while the companies can also file an appeal against the fine.

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