The Death toll From the Corona Virus has Risen to Six in the United States

WASHINGTON – The death toll from the Coronavirus in the United States has risen to six, while in China the severity is on the rise, and according to the latest data, the number of new patients and casualties is down to six weeks. Has reached the highest level.

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Patients are being discharged from hospitals in China and returning to their homes in recovery. The World Health Organization said that in the last 24 hours, the number of patients in Koruna outside China has been recorded 9 times higher.

The virus is appearing in many new places on the other side. Today, for the first time in New York, Moscow and Berlin, the coronavirus has been confirmed. Health officials in the United States said that four more patients died today, increasing the number of people killed in the United States to six. All of them were from Washington state. New York Governor Andrew Kumo says a medical worker who has recently returned from Iran is being kept at his home in Quarantina after being diagnosed with Corona. Preparing to face He advised people to avoid panic.

The latest report from the US Agency for Disease Prevention and Control says the virus has spread to 10 states. Four ships returning from Japan’s Diamond Prince Cruise ship are being kept at Quarantina in Nebraska. So far in the United States, 66 people have been confirmed with the Coronavirus.

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