Tesla’s market value exceeds $ 70 billion, still not meeting the criteria for Musk’s equity incentives

Tesla has continued to rise after entering December, and it has only fallen slightly in 4 trading days. The stock price also hit a new high on Wednesday. Currently, the market value has exceeded $ 70 billion.

At the close of the US stock market on Wednesday, Tesla’s stock price was $ 393.15, an increase of $ 14.16, or 3.74%, from the previous trading day’s close of $ 378.99.

After the stock price rose, Tesla’s market value also increased significantly. Based on the closing price on Wednesday, Tesla’s market value was 70.863 billion US dollars, which has exceeded 70 billion US dollars.

Tesla is currently the U.S. carmaker by market value. Among the other two major automakers, GM had a market value of 54.162 billion U.S. dollars on Wednesday’s close, which was 16.167 billion U.S. dollars lower than Tesla. Ford had a market value of 37.8 billion U.S. dollars. Only 53% of Tesla.

Although Tesla’s share price hit a new high on Wednesday and its market value has exceeded $ 70 billion, the current market value is still far from the standard for CEO Musk to obtain equity incentives.

Tesla announced Musk’s compensation plan for the next ten years (to January 20, 2028) in January 2018 and was approved at the special shareholder meeting held in March of that year. The compensation plan will not give Musk any salary. And cash rewards, his income is all stock options directly linked to Tesla’s market value and performance.

In terms of market capitalization, there are 12 layers, starting at $ 100 billion, followed by an increase of $ 50 billion at each level, and the last level is $ 650 billion. Tesla’s current market value is $ 70 billion, which is far from the starting standard. It’s still nearly $ 30 billion, and $ 650 billion from the highest level is almost $ 580 billion.

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