Tesla to set up R & D center in China to create original “Chinese style” models

Tesla to set up R & D center in China to create original “Chinese style” models

News on January 15 Today, Tesla released a recruitment article on the official WeChat public account, which described the transformation from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”. Tesla CEO Musk proposed A very cool thing-setting up a design and research center in China.

The article states that it will create an original “Chinese style” Tesla, integrate the most beautiful Chinese art into the future-oriented Tesla Model 3, and recruit outstanding design talents for this purpose.

You can now deliver your original Chinese Tesla designs to Tesla Model 3. Tesla also claims that you can use the boldest avant-garde elements, the most IN Chinese aesthetic art, the most incredible whimsy, even if Not designers can challenge.

According to official news, this time Tesla is not only planning to launch “special supply vehicles” for the Chinese market, but to integrate designs from China into future models and sell them to the global market.

Not long ago, the first batch of domestic Tesla Model 3 produced by Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory was officially delivered to external users, and the domestic Model Y project started simultaneously in the same period.

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