Tesla: the next product may be a city pure electric bus

According to Tesla’s product strategic plan, it will have another model to be determined in the future. This product may be an urban pure electric bus based on the Model X platform.

As early as 2016, after Tesla released Roader, Model S / X and other products, Musk announced the “Tesla Master Plan Second Part” and also said that in addition to consumer automotive products, the Tesla brand also Two other pure electric vehicles will be provided, namely heavy trucks and city transport buses.

After that, Tesla launched Semi, a heavy-duty pure electric truck, which officially announced that the Semi has a maximum range of 500 miles (about 805km), and its 0-96km / h acceleration time is only 5 seconds under no-load conditions; in With a load of 36 tons, the acceleration time of 0-96km / h in 20 seconds.

Unfortunately, after Tesla released the Cyberduck, a pure electric pickup truck, Musk also said that there will be no new product release in the short term, which also makes the Tesla pure electric bus “only heard its car”. Mystery.

Today, Tesla is deploying self-driving fleets and tunnel transportation. Therefore, foreign media predict that Tesla’s pure electric city bus is likely to be combined with these two projects.

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