Tesla surpasses Volkswagen’s $ 100 billion mark

SAN FRANCISCO 1 Yue 23 , according to foreign media reports, Tesla’s market capitalization topped 10 billion US dollars mark, more than Volkswagen, if elon Musk (ElonMusk) allows Tesla to maintain the market value In a few months, he will receive huge rewards.

In the Nasdaq’s regular trading on Wednesday, Tesla’s share price closed at $ 569.56 , up 4.09% from the previous trading day . During the session, Tesla’s stock price soared 8.6% to a new intraday high of $ 594.50 . According to Wednesday’s closing price calculation, Tesla’s market capitalization of about 1026.6 billion dollars, more than the Volkswagen 994 billion, second only to Toyota.

Although skeptics doubt Musk, Tesla’s City of whether the value should exceed last year’s sales of Tesla is almost 30 times that of Volkswagen, but VW chief executive officer (CEO Herbert ? Meredith (Herbert Diess) but I do not think so. He is arguably the most outspoken CEO of a traditional car manufacturer. He has always praised Tesla and affirmed its important role in the major changes in the automotive industry over a century of history.

Three months ago, Tesla commented that Tesla was no longer a niche automaker. At an internal conference in Germany last week, he told Volkswagen executives that connected cars will nearly double consumers’ online time and that cars will “become the most important mobile device.”

He said: “If we see this, then we will understand why Tesla in the eyes of analysts have such a great value. “

Now 61 -year-old Meredith is introducing the industry’s most ambitious electric vehicle program, and plans to company market capitalization up to the car with Toyota quite level. Toyota’s market value is $ 232 billion , which is still higher than the total of Tesla and Volkswagen.

On Wednesday local time, Stefan Bratzel, a researcher at the Center for Automotive Management in Germany , stated in a research report: “Tesla has a strong position in battery electric vehicles and interconnection. The ability to innovate can partly explain the reason for its high market value. “He said that the relatively low valuations of traditional car manufacturers are related to the uncertainty of whether they can lead the upcoming industry transformation.

For Tesla’s CEO and billionaire Musk, Tesla’s market value of more than $ 100 billion is more than just showing off capital. If the company’s market value stays above this level for a period of time, he is eligible for the first payment in an all-or-nothing reward program. Theoretically , the first net awards will be approximately $ 346 million.

Tesla ‘s stock price has more than doubled since it unexpectedly announced profitability in the third quarter of last year and told investors that it had launched its next-generation Model Y electric SUV ahead of schedule and opened a factory near Shanghai.

Brokerage Wedbush analyst Dan Elvis (Dan Ives) on Wednesday wrote in a report, along with Tesla in Chinese growth markets, as well as its share price upside. He Tesla’s target share price from 370 raised to US $ 550 dollars, while maintaining a hold rating equivalent.

Gary Black , a well-known former Wall Street analyst , said he expected Tesla’s profit to exceed Volkswagen by 2025 , and he believes that Tesla’s forecast for car deliveries this year is generally too low. He expects that during Tesla’s quarterly earnings conference call next week , Musk will predict that Tesla will deliver at least 550,000 cars in 2020 and announce the launch of Model Y.

Although at least eight analysts have raised Tesla’s target stock price by more than 100 since the beginning of this year, the average target stock price is still much lower than Tesla’s actual stock price. Currently, Tesla’s average target share price of 363.92 US dollars, only 10 analysts give a “buy” rating, 10 analysts give a “hold” rating, a total of 16 analysts give “sell” rating.

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