Tesla safety report: launching autonomous driving system is indeed safer

Beijing News (Reporter Lu Yifu) On January 17, Tesla updated the fourth quarter of 2019 car safety report data on its official website.

Data show that in the fourth quarter of last year, vehicles with autonomous driving systems had an average of 3.07 million miles (about 4.91 million kilometers) before an accident occurred. For vehicles that do not have an automated driving system but use the vehicle ’s active safety features, An average of 2.1 million miles (approximately 3.36 million kilometers) involved an accident; for vehicles that had neither an autonomous driving system nor active safety measures in place, an average of 1.64 million miles (approximately 2.62 million kilometers) involved an accident.

In contrast, the latest figures from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) show that in the United States, an average of 479,000 miles (about 770,000 kilometers) will cause a car accident.

Compared with the third quarter of last year, the number of accidents in Tesla increased in the fourth quarter, resulting in a decrease in the average mileage of safe driving. However, Tesla emphasized in the report that these figures vary from season to season, such as reduced sunlight and severe weather. According to the current data, Tesla vehicles with autonomous driving systems are more than six times safer than average vehicles, and without active driving systems or active safety features of vehicles are still three to four times safer than ordinary vehicles.

In the first half of last year, Tesla had a number of vehicle spontaneous combustion accidents. Musk said on Twitter that he would announce the fire statistics of cars to prove Tesla’s safety performance. “Each year, more than one million gas-fired vehicles catch fire and cause thousands of deaths, but one Tesla fire and no one injured has made headlines. Why is it so double-marked on this issue?

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