Tesla reaches agreement with Germany: 300 million yuan to buy 300 hectares of land to build a factory

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, the local government in Berlin said on Sunday that the local electric vehicle maker Tesla has agreed to purchase land in the suburbs of Berlin, and its first super factory in Europe has begun construction soon.

In November 2019, Tesla announced that it would build a super factory in Gruenheide, in the state of Brandenburg in eastern Germany. At present, German automakers are actively committed to launching Tesla’s competing models, which may promote more intense competition in the field of electric vehicles.

Local government spokesman Florian Engels said in a statement that Tesla’s board of directors had approved a land purchase agreement with the state of Brandenburg on Saturday local time to buy a 300-hectare site. The plot of land. The state council’s finance committee approved the deal on January 9.

A Tesla spokesperson confirmed the deal.

Engels said that the initial land purchase price stipulated in the agreement was 40.91 million euros (approximately 45.36 million US dollars, 311 million yuan), and the price could be revised if there were objections to the external review. 

He also added that the site is located in a designated industrial area and that it is currently checking for weapons remaining during World War II, as it is likely that there will be unexploded bombs underground.

Politicians, trade unions and industry groups welcome Tesla’s arrival, which is expected to create up to 7,000 jobs in Brandenburg. But some 250 locals took to the streets to protest that the factory could endanger water supplies and wildlife in the surrounding forests. 

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