Tesla Model Y put into production ahead of schedule

Tesla’s Model Y electric vehicle will reach 1,000 per week in mid-2020. Earlier, Carlow visited Tesla’s electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Fremont, California. This forecast for Model Y production is what Carlow mentioned in the latest research report sent to customers. Carlo believes that Carlo believes that Tesla is expected to produce about 1,000 Model Y cars per week by mid-2020.

In March of this year, Tesla released the Model Y in Los Angeles, a fully electric multi-functional sports car based on Model 3, and the fifth car launched since Tesla was founded in 2003. Model Y can travel up to 480 kilometers after charging.

Tesla has said it plans to put the car into production in the fall of 2020. But the media recently learned that Tesla is opening a fifth assembly line at its Fremont plant and is preparing for production.

Tesla announced in the third quarter of 2019 financial report that the preparation of Model Y production is faster than expected.

Tesla said at the time, “Model Y is scheduled to start production next year, and before that, Model Y production equipment is now being installed. Using the knowledge and efficiency gained from the design of our Shanghai plant, our (Fremont plant) progress Faster than originally planned. “

Tesla has also confirmed that the company is moving Model Y production schedule forward from autumn 2020 to summer 2020. “We have advanced the Model Y production schedule and now expect Model Y production to start in the summer of 2020.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he expects the product to reach mass production in the middle of 2020, at which time it will produce about 1,000 units per week.

After visiting the Fremont plant, Carlo believes that this goal can be achieved. Carlo said that from a manufacturing perspective, Tesla is currently in a good position. “The output of Tesla’s Shanghai plant seems to be rising. We believe that, given the lower manufacturing costs in China, in the long run, The growth of Tesla Motors in the Chinese market should be considerable. In addition, Tesla plans to begin construction of its European plant in the short term, and it is also expected to develop Model Y manufacturing capabilities in both China and Europe. “

Carlo also pointed out that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is expected to pay Tesla about $ 150 million each quarter to purchase carbon dioxide emission quotas from the next quarter to meet the carbon dioxide emission requirements in the new emission standards, avoiding The United States and Europe were fined heavily. Rumors of this deal have been going on for some time. If the rumors are true, Tesla will receive up to 2 billion US dollars.

“We have been buyers of Tesla stock and continue to believe that the company’s stock will go higher because Tesla’s profitability and cash creation capabilities will continue as the business expands.

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