Tesla model 3, domestic! Overbearing president flew over to give it to you in person

A Boeing 777 from China Eastern Airlines is flying from Los Angeles to Shanghai. At a height of about 13,000 feet behind it, a Gulfstream G650 business jet is also flying to Shanghai.

Soon after, the Gulfstream G650, which flew higher and faster, surpassed the Boeing 777 and rushed to Shanghai:

Its owner, Elon Musk, came to China today to attend the delivery ceremony of the tesla domestic Model 3. Interestingly, this scene from the aviation blogger “Aviation Story” actually received the official response of Eastern Airlines: it is indeed admired by the rocket-building.

tesla model 3 made in China

Indeed, this overbearing president of the new energy vehicle industry not only has to deliver the Model 3 made in China, the rocket he built is also launching today!

Tesla Model 3 price

The price of the domestic Model 3 base car was reduced from 355,800 yuan to 323,800 yuan, and the price was 299,905 yuan after subsidy, which broke into the 300,000 yuan market. This upset the industry, and some even exclaimed: “Tesla’s massacre has begun.

For the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory officially invested in “combat formation”, a senior automotive expert told Netease Technology that this means that the “catfish effect” triggered by Tesla will accelerate the reshuffle of the industry.

In fact, the earliest contacts began in mid-2017. Tesla and the Chinese government began to discuss the establishment of factories and insisted on sole proprietorship.

Tesla also reached an agreement with the Shanghai Municipal Government on the use of a piece of land. If Tesla completes related works such as entering the factory in China within a short period of time, a certain piece of land in the Lingang area will be confirmed to be handed over to Tesla. The Silla plant was used and was overdue.

The Chinese government’s feedback is very fast. In June 2018, Article 8 of the NDRC’s 2018 Negative List clearly stipulated that new energy vehicles could be wholly-owned. Tesla set up a factory and quickly launched it.

On January 7, 2019, the foundation stone of Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was laid;

On August 19, the first acceptance permit was obtained;

On September 19, the inspection passed;

On October 23, obtained the production qualification and started production of Model 3;

On December 30, China-made Model 3 delivery employees

Only 357 days from the foundation to the delivery, Musk-led Tesla on the land of China, which is completely different from the path of traditional car construction and also seems to signal the arrival of a market storm.

According to data disclosed by Tesla, this plant has produced nearly 1,000 vehicles for sale, and at the same time, it has reached a production rate of more than 3,000 vehicles per week.

Shanghai and Tesla  need each other

Tesla has had a lot of controversy since its inception. Everyone claims that Musk has made a big toy for a long time. In 2018, even when there was a bankruptcy, Musk also mocked himself on April Fool’s Day “Tesla is completely and completely bankrupt. You may be hard to believe, but it is really bankrupt. ”

An auto industry commented that Tesla’s establishment from 2003 to 2017 was a painful 14 years, 2018 was the year of Tesla’s production and sales climb, and 2019 was the year of the explosion. In the fourth quarter, 112,000 vehicles were sold, and sales volume has nearly doubled in seven years.

However, it does not mean that Tesla has been sitting in the teacher’s chair. First of all, it is a hard job to burn money. Secondly, since 2018, global car sales have ended a 7-year increase. For the first time, global car sales have fallen for two consecutive years. What’s more, Musk is carrying the banner of challenging the century-old automobile industry, and will even suffer scorn.

Choosing China as a new starting point, Musk hopes to continue to grow. Data shows that as of the third quarter of 2019, Tesla’s sales in China have reached 669 million US dollars, which is the largest after the United States. overseas market.

And here can provide unprecedented policy environment, market potential and better cost control.

For Shanghai, a Tesla super factory with an annual output of 500,000 pure electric vehicles is officially settled in Shanghai’s Lingang area, which is the largest foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai’s history.

Moreover, Shanghai is not just for Tesla. Responsible officials said that Tesla will effectively promote the development of high-end manufacturing in Shanghai, accelerate the construction of a world-class automotive industry center, and provide strong support for Shanghai to become an outstanding global city. win.

Attention is world-class. So far, GM ’s second global power battery plant in Jinqiao, Volkswagen’s electric car plant in Anting, and Lingang Tesla Super Plant have formed the future-oriented electric vehicle industry in Shanghai. layout. Of course, China’s strong supply chain network will also benefit, and may even drive the rise of a large number of supplier giants.

It is worth mentioning that when he met Musk, the Prime Minister also clearly stated that Tesla was not only responsible for producing electric vehicles to meet consumer needs, but also truly took root in China and became a new era for China’s foreign Open new benchmark.

It can be said that the significance of this factory to the Chinese electric vehicle industry may be similar to the era of gasoline vehicles. The significance of the Shanghai Volkswagen Santana production line in 1984 to China.

Chinese auto market wolf is coming!

In the global market, Tesla produced a total of 104,891 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2019, delivered 112,000 vehicles, and achieved a 50% growth.

The representative of the Chinese team is Weilai Automobile. The delivery result of the fourth quarter of 2019 was 8,224 vehicles. Although it achieved a good result of a 71.4% increase from the previous quarter, the gap from this foreign challenger is not small. “They will be directly threatened,” said an automotive expert.

This is why Li Bin has not announced the prices of the new models for the time being. In view of the upcoming domestic Tesla models, he said: Please allow us to retain some market flexibility.

Li Bin also told reporters in a recent interview that after a comparative competitive advantage judgment, Weilai will not produce a particularly cheap car. Only by choosing the mainstream high-end road, Weilai can live, and Tesla’s market It is not right without a Chinese brand!

Everything foreshadows the arrival of a tough battle. As Tesla’s prices continue to fall, the young Chinese rookies such as Xiaopeng Motors and Weimar Motors are also facing severe tests.

At the same time, the data trend from CleanTechnica is obvious. It is not just electric vehicles. Tesla has already entered the heartland of traditional fuel vehicles. In the third quarter of 2019, Tesla Model 3 accounted for 27% of all small and medium-sized luxury car sales in the United States.

Unexpectedly, the sales of Model 3 in the United States Q3 is equivalent to 168.7% of the total sales of BMW 2 Series + 3 Series + 4 Series + 5 Series.

Musk’s mission for Tesla is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Therefore, Musk’s ambitions are not electric vehicles from the beginning to the end, but the direction of the entire energy application.

A veteran automobile practitioner said that Tesla’s stock price reached a record high, with a market value of 80 billion U.S. dollars, ranking third in the world’s car companies, and Tesla led a global breakthrough in electric vehicles.

But there is no doubt that all the changes in the industry are good for consumers. In addition to the inevitable subsidy decline, consumers have more choices. A car owner who intends to buy Weilai ES6 said that it will Then look at Tesla’s domestic models before making a choice.

Another friend who was still in Beijing Chaohao told reporters that the new energy market has undergone tremendous changes. Before, I felt that new energy vehicles had not been bought. Poor endurance and poor workmanship had spontaneous combustion accidents from time to time. Now they are more and more mature. The selection space is also larger, although in the foreseeable future, we have chosen to line up new energy sources.

At the beginning of the new year, people often quote a quote from Shakespeare’s drama “The Storm”:

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