Tesla imports Model 3 in January next year

Tesla Experience Center stores in Shanghai and learned that from January next year, Tesla will raise the price of Model 3 imported cars in China, but before January Paying 20,000 yuan in intention gold can lock the current price.

Staff at a Tesla Experience Center in Shanghai said that all imported (Model 3) prices will increase in January because we are directly operated by the United States. If the price increases in the United States, it will directly affect the price in China. Tesla China’s official website customer service said: This time is estimated to occur in January (next year).

On December 13, Beijing time, Tesla quietly modified the price of the non-performance Model 3 on the US official website, increasing the price of two models by $ 500. Among them, the standard endurance enhanced version (that is, the same model of the domestic Model 3) increased from $ 39,490 to $ 39,990, and the all-wheel-drive long-endurance version increased from $ 48,490 to $ 48,990.

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