Tesla: free supercharging station for all vehicles before the epidemic is resolved

Recently, the Internet and major companies have donated funds and donations to contribute to the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic. Recently, Tesla pushed notifications to car owners, announcing that starting today, all vehicles will be free to charge at supercharging stations.

From the photos exposed by Weibo netizens, from now on, Tesla will temporarily open all vehicles in the super charging station for free to charge until the epidemic is resolved.

According to official data, as of the end of last year, Tesla supercharging stations have covered 140+ cities in China, with a total of 2200+ supercharging piles.

China’s first V3 supercharging pile has been completed and opened to the public in Shanghai Jinqiao Supercharging Station, and will be promoted nationwide in 2020. Take the Model 3 long battery life as an example, under peak power conditions, it can drive about 120 kilometers for 5 minutes of charging.

The following is the full text of Tesla’s push notification:

To make it easier for you to travel during this outbreak, we will temporarily open all Tesla vehicles to be charged at the super charging station for free until the epidemic is resolved. We hope that during this extraordinary period you will be able to efficiently replenish electricity and use your car smoothly when needed.

After the epidemic eases, we will notify you again before restoring your vehicle to its initial configuration. I hope to provide you with a modest effort to spend this time smoothly.

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