Sydney announces more information on new coronavirus pneumonia, Australian government promises free treatment

On January 26 local time, the New Zealand Department of Health announced more information to the public after confirming a case of pneumonitis with a new coronavirus infection in Sydney. There are currently four confirmed cases across Australia, three in Sydney and one in Melbourne. Two more suspected cases are being tested in NSW.

NSW Health officials told a news conference a day ago that two of the three confirmed in Sydney had traveled to Wuhan, and one of them was believed to have had direct contact with the confirmed cases while in China.

Of the three, a 35 man arrived in Sydney from China on January 6, but did not show symptoms until he sought medical treatment on January 15.

The second patient was a man in his 40s who had stayed in Wuhan. He arrived in Sydney on January 18, but did not show symptoms until January 24.

Since neither patient had any symptoms on the flight, NSW Chief Medical Officer Kerry Chant said, “Our door does not consider these two persons to be contagious when flying,” and will not be announced at this time. More details on the flight taken by the two patients.

NSW health officials said the third 53-year-old man arrived in Sydney on Eastern Airlines flight MU749. The flight landed at 11:35 on January 20. The patient developed discomfort that night and went to a local clinic.

Currently, the Australian government is tracing passengers traveling on the same plane and urging them to be tested.

“We have asked the National Incident Room to retrieve flight records and are obtaining seat details,” said NSW Chief Medical Officer Chant.

At a press conference on January 25, NSW Minister of Health Brad Hazzard praised the protective measures taken by the three men when they sought medical treatment. He said that all three wore masks when they went to the doctor and fully cooperated in the entire diagnosis and treatment process, which is a model for everyone.

Chazed also emphasized that the NSW government will do its best to protect patient privacy and give the Chinese community a safe environment. Patients diagnosed with new-type coronavirus pneumonia will be offered free treatment with or without Australian health insurance.

Regarding the specific consultation process, Qia Zede hopes that the suspected patient will call the GP or emergency department in advance so that the doctor will be fully prepared. “If the GP sees a need for a new coronavirus test, they will be transferred to the emergency department for testing,” he said.

On January 25, Australian Prime Minister Morrison issued a statement. In a statement, Morrison stressed that the Australian government has adopted new measures to protect the safety of citizens. From the 25th, the Australian Government will provide appropriate guidance to all passengers who come from China and show symptoms of infection or are about to show symptoms.

At the same time, the Australian government strongly advises citizens not to travel to Wuhan or Hubei. Australians traveling in Hubei Province may not be able to leave on time until traffic restrictions are lifted.

Morrison also said that he will continue to observe the development of the new coronavirus and take all necessary measures.

On January 25, local time, the Minister of Health of Victoria, Australia, Jenny Mikakos announced that the first case of a new type of coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in Australia.

According to Australian national television, the patient is now a 50-year-old Chinese man living in Melbourne. According to the Sydney Herald, the man arrived in Melbourne from Wuhan via Guangzhou on the morning of January 19. The flight number from Wuhan to Guangzhou is CZ3706.

The patient has recently stayed in Wuhan for a while and is now in stable condition and is undergoing isolation treatment at Clayton’s Monash Medical Centre.

The man stayed in Wuhan for two weeks before coming to Australia. On the morning of January 19th (Sunday), he arrived in Melbourne from Guangzhou on the China Southern Airlines Flight CZ321 and has been with his family ever since.

As of 8:30 on the 26th, 1975 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia have been confirmed in Mainland China, and 56 cases have died. In addition, 5 cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong, 2 cases in Macau, 3 cases in Taiwan, and 5 cases in Thailand (2 cases have been cured) There were 3 cases in Japan (1 case was cured), 2 cases in South Korea, 2 cases in the United States, 2 cases in Vietnam, 3 cases in Singapore, 1 case in Nepal, 3 cases in France, 4 cases in Australia, 3 cases in Malaysia, and 1 case in Canada.

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