Suraj Grahan 2019: Solar eclipse begins, pregnant women should take special care

Solar eclipse (Suraj Grahan) 26 December 2019: The solar eclipse to be held on Thursday, December 26 has started. This last solar eclipse of the year is not complete but the solar eclipse will be annular. In the southern part of the country, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this solar eclipse will be seen in a circular shape, while the rest of the country will see partial solar eclipse.

According to Indian time, the partial solar eclipse will start at eight in the morning while the annular solar eclipse will start at 9.06 am. The annular phase of solar eclipse will end at 12.29 pm, while the partial phase will end at 1.36 pm. About 93 percent of the sun in India will be covered by the moon.

According to astrology, there will be a solar eclipse

According to astrology, the Khagras solar eclipse will start at 8 am on December 26 and its peak will last for 10 to 48 minutes and the eclipse will end at 1.36 am. The size of the eclipse will be the size of the ring in India. The eclipse thread has started at 8 o’clock. Mantra chanting during eclipse is auspicious.

From eating and drinking to worshiping, there is a prohibition from the sutak period of solar eclipse. During this time it is advisable to take special caution regarding pregnant women and children. The result of the mantra chanted in the eclipse period is manifold. Eating and drinking and sleeping are prohibited during this period, but children, old and sick can take food during this period.

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