Successful Experience in Making Rocket Fuel from Plastic Waste

Edinburgh: Plastic pollution is currently a headache for everyone. But now this is the first successful experiment to convert this same plastic waste into rocket fuel.

SkyRoura, an Edinburgh-based company, has used plastic-made fuel in a rocket engine’s socket motor to send smaller satellites into the lower orbit of the earth.

Secondly, all the components of the rocket engine were made of 3D printing. This fuel, made of plastic garbage, has been called ‘excison’. According to the startup company, such fuel used in rockets will not only be cheaper but also green and environmentally friendly.

This rocket engine will undergo further testing as more tests are needed after its first success. The plastic fuel will then be used in a 22-meter-high Sky Rura XL space ride or rocket. The rocket is expected to carry more than one satellite up to a height of 500 km. This will send the satellite into lower ground orbit. In the process, the fuel made from plastic is similar to a type of kerosene and will be added to traditional kerosene RP One fuel. This way they can be compared using two types of fuel in the same rocket.

According to the company, 1000 kg of plastic can be made from 600 kg of fuel and it produces 45% less greenhouse gases than other fuels. It does not require a special cold cryogenic environment to keep it safe. That is why it can be easily transported from one place to another.

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