Spreadsheets Company Airtable: ‘I didn’t understand a billion-dollar idea before’

Howie Liu is the founder and chief executive of Airtable, a new company in Silicon Valley. Their firm is working to make spreadsheets easier. Spreadsheets are electronic documents that help with accounting.

Spreadsheets are used for data and calculation and are often used by accountants who help them create charts and disaggregate collections. But for ordinary people, this is a complex task.

Howie Liu says his app ‘AirTable‘ has made it easy and with it help ordinary people, such as farmers and herdsmen, use spreadsheets for their daily work. Because of this, it is no longer necessary to learn computer or master coding.

He said: ‘This is a great opportunity. This comparison with Amazon, Facebook or Google will not be wrong. ‘

‘See people on the app’

This app is gaining popularity very quickly. It has begun to be used by companies such as Netflix, the international distribution company Tesla and Time Magazine.

It’s been four years since the app, but it’s worth $ 1.1 billion. Liu and his partners were advised by Salesforce boss Mark Benov at the start of the business

Howie Liu says that initially, it was difficult for investors to explain their ideas. He told the BBC: ‘This is not a new idea. Spreadsheets existed even before the computer was created. ‘

So when he and his partner met with investors, they didn’t have much to say about what investors usually expect.

At that time, Airtable had only one idea for them. But now it is changing the professional world.

Howie Liu says with this moment in mind, ‘Many eyes were just staring at us. I well remember that some said that your words did not follow us. ‘

Eventually, the hard work of the Airtel team started to ring in and investors’ confidence in it grew.

Sharing the success of his team, he says, “A great idea can fail at the hands of an evil team, and a lesser-known idea can fall into the hands of a good team.”

Howie Liu describes his family background as his ancestors migrated from Korea to China. His parents were born in China but emigrated to the United States during World War II. He was born in America itself.

At the age of 13, he got a book in his father’s books about programming language or language C Plus ( C ++) and he started learning the language.

Interest from the world of computing took him to Duke University in North Carolina.

After completing his education, he had different experiences in the technology world but could not start a regular business.

However, their relationships with influential people in the business world developed in the meantime. They include Mark Benov, chief executive of the sales force.

Howie Liu says Mark Benov gave him many useful tips.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana in 2017, Airtable was used to collect data and details that were helpful in reaching and rehabilitating victims.

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