Speaking like a human, “Google Duplex” is now available on the web

“Duplex” is a new technology announced at Google last year. At that time, it was announced as an agent for telephone reservations and became a topic of “like a human being”, but at this keynote, it was announced that it could also be used on the web. In the keynote, if you tell Google Assistant that you actually want to reserve a rental car for the next trip, Google Assistant will catch the next trip schedule from Gmail and Google Calendar, and make a reservation procedure with the rental car company. It was shown how to finish. Users can perform tasks that are often time-consuming, such as filling in online forms, with just a voice without moving their hands.

The evolution of neural networks supports such agile movements. Until now, the language analysis building of Google Assistant required size of 100GB, and processing on the server was indispensable, but the next generation standard allows these tasks to be performed on mobile devices. User request processing speed has been increased up to 10 times. The advanced Google Assistant will be installed in the next-generation “Pixel” announced in 2019.

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