Sony’s new PlayStation controller patent exposure: 2 new buttons added on the back

Recently, it is reported that Sony’s new PlayStation controller design patent has been excavated from the World Intellectual Property Organization database from the media . Let us take a quick look.

From the patent map, the new handle shape is not much different from the PS4 handle, but the PS button on the front is canceled and 2 buttons (L3R3?) Are added on the back of the handle . In theory, players can use the middle and ring fingers of the left and right hands. Do it.

In addition, the new handle may provide key customization, and the back button may be moved to another position.

However, this is a patent after all, and it may or may not be a formal product, and it is not clear whether it will become the standard handle of the PS5.

There is currently news that the PS5 console is scheduled to land in the North American market on November 20 next year, so Sony has plenty of time to consider improving the PlayStation controller design.

In addition, this is not the only new patent for a handle submitted by Sony. Previously, the media exposed a patent for a controller with a built-in screen and a built-in screen. This handle can be carried with it. Its main purpose is to synchronize the home console with a stream. Presented content, such as game screens, film and television resources, etc.

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