Sony + Zeiss lens, the new 5G flagship Xperia 1 II officially debut

Speaking of cooperation between mobile phones and traditional camera brands, HUAWEI and Lecia are bound to come to mind. Since the HUAWEI P9 generation, the two brands have worked together. 

However, in addition to Lecia, another well-known photography company, Zeiss, has been working with different brands for many years, including Microsoft and Nokia. On February 24th, Sony officially announced the release of the first 5G flagship Xperia 1 II and announced that it will cooperate with Zeiss lenses to equip new phones with T * Zeiss lenses.

Sony + Zeiss lens, the new 5G flagship Xperia 1 II officially debut

Xperia 1 II is an upgraded version of Xperia 1. This machine is equipped with a  6.5-inch 21: 9 4K HDR OLED  screen and 90 Hz screen refresh rate technology. The performance is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, built-in 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM and 4000 mAh battery. SONY Xperia 1 II will support SUB 6 5G network, have IP68 waterproof and dustproof specifications, and retain dual front speakers and 3.5mm headphone socket.
Sony + Zeiss lens, the new 5G flagship Xperia 1 II officially debut

Speaking of the biggest selling point of the machine is of course shooting, 12 million like three lenses + TOF lens. The main lens is a 24mm wide-angle lens with a CMOS size of 1 / 1.7 ″ and supports PDAF and OIS. It is also equipped with Zeiss T * lens coating technology. The main lens’ shooting performance is definitely worth looking forward to. The second 12 million image lens supports dual PDAF. The last 12 million image lens is a 70mm telephoto lens. In addition, Sony added a 3D iTOF depth-of-field lens to the Xperia 1 II this time, which will increase the focus speed and improve the quality of portrait shooting.

As for the shooting function, in addition to retaining the Cinema Pro video recording function, it also adds a new autofocus camera technology that can support up to 20fps autofocus, and supports real-time eye autofocus for people and animals! Finally, Xperia 1 II will be launched in some regions by the end of spring 2020.

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