Sony PlayStation 5 Console Reveals New User Interface

Various leaks indicate that Sony’s next-generation game console Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to appear this month. Although Sony hasn’t announced yet, the PS4 7 years ago was released in mid-February, so we have reason to believe that Sony will unveil the mystery of the PS5 this month. Recently on the Reddit community, users have shared the end-user interface that is said to be PS5.

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We saw a similar leak a few days ago, but this time it was from the UI in the PS5 Prototyping Kit that developers have been using. This image reveals important details about the PS5 development kit: they include a 1TB SSD.

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Although the photos cannot be confirmed, everything seems to belong to the Sony PlayStation 5 home screen. After all, someone created a fake PS5 splash screen a few days ago, so everything is possible on the Internet. But if these pictures are true, it looks like we expected.

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