Social Networking Site Twitter Introduces an Important Feature

Social networking website Twitter has introduced an important feature that lets people now follow topics they like to talk about. Follow-up on social media site Twitter has introduced a new feature so that people don’t waste time searching for related hashtags. When this feature is available on the account, Twitter will ask if you would like to ‘see more on this topic’ in your timeline. It should be noted that this will depend on the accounts you are following and what you search for on Twitter will be subject to Twitter.


Hot takes? Always. Hot topics? Brand new. Now you can follow the easily specific topics to discover the Tweets you care about. — Twitter (@Twitter) Not all topics or topics will be available, but Twitter’s feature will be expanded in the coming months.Twitter reported that tweets about the topics to follow will be shown on the timeline.


Experts, fans or other people’s tweets on this topic will appear on the timeline and will also have a mark so that you do not accidentally follow these accounts, the statement said.It’s unclear how Twitter will eventually make sure that the standard tweets appear on the user’s account.In addition, users will be able to manage the topics by going to the menu or timeline and following them or finding someone new.

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