Sindh government freezes all development funds in the province in view of Corona virus situation

KARACHI: The Sindh government has frozen all development funds in the province in view of the Corona virus situation and the development budget has been stopped while MMBS pass doctors have been offered a six-month government job.

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According to private TV, sources in the Sindh Treasury Department say that the Corona virus needs huge funds to overcome the virus, in view of that, the government has decided to freeze the development budget. All new ones included in the financial year, Funding for ongoing development projects has been halted and development budget will not be released for the third quarter. In the fiscal year 20-2019, Sindh budget consisted of 2705 schemes worth Rs 208 billion. Corona virus was directed by the Chief of Sindh Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah. Work has been initiated to cure long, urgent recruitment of male and female doctors has been decided in Sindh. Doctors will be recruited as medical officers to complete the house job and the PMDC will be recruited on a six-month contract. Applications have been sought from the new recruiting doctors till March 31.

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