Share Files Anywhere in the World Without Uploading

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Generally, when we have to share a file with a friend or someone other, we upload it to the file host or server site. Then we share a link to the friend to access that file.

You know it is a time-consuming process and consumes our data as well

Many of my friends asked me to find a method by which we can share files to the head as it takes much time and internet data

Methods to share files without uploading

If you are in search of such a method by which we can share files to our friends with a single click everywhere in the world without uploading, then you are in the right place.

Here we will discuss the methods by which you can quickly share the files via the internet without uploading them anywhere

Normally we upload desired files or a cloud-based server or a file host. In the following three methods, you will learn to instantly share the files you want. Let’s start

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  • The first method we gonna discuss is through JustBeamIt
  • JustBeamIt is a user-friendly simple website
  • It provides the facility of sharing files by generating a sending link for the file you choose to share
  • The created link is then ready to share with the recipient who can easily download the file you shared
  • Note that the sender and recipient have to keep the browser page window opened until the completion of file sharing
  • Here you can share any type of file like videos, audios, pictures, apk files, etc

How to use

You can do this simply by following the steps below

  1. open in any browser

2. click the parachute icon to choose a file you want to share or you can simply drag the file to the site

file share anywhere

3. click create link button to create a link that you can share with the friend

share without uploading

4. The link will be quickly created. there is clearly. There is clearly mentioned that the link is only valid for a single transfer and will expire after 10 minutes. So your recipient must download the file within 10 minutes


  • The second website on our list is FileSharing24
  • It is another site that offers this service
  • On this site, the file is decrypted during the sharing and is deleted from the server after 24 hours.
  • It means it offers more file hosting time then JustBeamIt
  • This site also provides resume capability

How to use

To share your desired file through this site just follow the steps below

  1. open in the browser

2. if you visit this site for the first time, you have to agree to its terms and conditions by clicking agree button

3. then click the select file to upload button to select a file you want to share or you can drag and drop it to the site

4. after a few seconds, your link will be generated successfully

file share anywhere

5. now you can share the generated link via email or you can copy it or share through any source

6. it also offers a password feature for security purposes. So you can lock your file before sharing the link. This feature is not provided in JustBeamIt


  • Now we are moving to our third and last website that is FileDropper
  • FileDropper is a simple website through which you can share your files by generating a download button
  • This site offers to share files up to 100MB in size
  • It creates the download link quickly, you can share with the respective person

How to use

For sharing your file via FileDropper, follow the simple steps bellow

  1. a few times ago, there was the feature to upload files and create your download link on this site without registering your account. But now, you have to register first to share files

2. to register your account, click the Register Now button

3. after registration, click the upload button to upload the file you want to share

4. after uploading the file, click your uploaded file. After that, click three vertical dots on the top right corner. Then you will see Get sharable link option

file share anywhere

5. by clicking the Get sharable link option, you will see get the following options

Link expiration: you can validate the link expiration

Password protect: you can protect your file with a password

Allow editing: you can allow your recipient to edit/modify your shared file

Allow download: definitely, you are sharing your file with the recipient to download. But if you want your recipient not to download the shared file you can uncheck this option

6. finally click the Create Link option to get a sharable link. You can share this link to your recipient


You have learned above the three ways to share your file without uploading in just one click. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods you find simple and easy to use to share files with your friends without uploading them anywhere. If this article helped you, don’t we deserve a like and share? Learn more amazing tips and tricks from SeekhloPakistan and stay connected with us

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