Scientists use quantum entanglement for the first time to transmit information “instantly”

December 28 Tech news, British and Danish scientists said that for the first time they achieved the “instantaneous transmission” of information between two computer chips, a move that could lead to a more secure “quantum network.” A joint research team from the two universities said their research could pave the way for the quantum Internet and “will be able to protect information from malicious attacks.”

This chip can generate light particles in the circuit and use quantum entanglement to achieve long-range instantaneous communication. No electrical or physical connection is needed to transmit information, because quantum entanglement enables particles to communicate over a long distance instantly.

These particles make use of quantum entanglement to “instantaneously transmit” between different chips, enabling instant communication. The research team achieved a 91% success rate in enabling light particles to transfer information between specially programmed computer chips.

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