Scientists and experts think: 5G will not cause cancer?

5G services have already been launched in some countries, and Hong Kong is expected to invest in 5G services as soon as April. But at the same time, everyone will also worry about the radiation safety of radio base stations and portable mobile communication equipment. At this time, some scientists and experts believe that 5G will not cause cancer.

The International Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has recently updated its Guidelines for Limiting Electromagnetic Field Exposures and believes that the 5G band is safe for consumers. This is ICNIRP’s first update of these guidelines since 1998 to protect people from mobile communications equipment, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radiation. Although there is no evidence that 5G has any serious negative impact on human health, ICNIRP has decided to implement stricter restrictions.

The Chairman of ICNIRP stated that when they revised the guidelines, they looked at the appropriateness of the guidelines issued in 1998 and found that the previous guidelines were conservative in most cases and they still provide adequate protection for current technologies. However, the new guidelines, which specifically target frequency ranges above 6 GHz, provide better and more detailed guidelines, which are important for 5G and future technologies using these higher frequencies.

The new restrictions will not affect 5G masts or mobile phone transmitting stations but will focus more on the mobile communications equipment itself. Because these more conservative restrictions target 5G frequencies above 6GHz, these guidelines will actually only affect mmWave-enabled devices. However, according to the British BBC, the GSMA claims that even if it revises its guidelines, it will not affect any existing 5G phones, as these 5G phones are already within the security scope of the new guidelines.

Finally, according to documents from the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA), there is no scientific evidence to date that, under normal usage, portable mobile communications equipment is hazardous to health. However, the Department of Health stated that it is best for children to avoid frequent use of mobile phones.

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