SARS Coronavirus that Kills Israel Peoples

SARS Corona virus is the name of the new terror worldwide. At least five people have died in China after being infected with the SARS Corona virus. In addition, the number of infected patients has already exceeded several thousand.

Israeli estimates that the SARS Corona virus has been found in the body of several Israeli people returning from China. According to a report in the country’s media, The Times of Israel, three Israeli men have been admitted to a local hospital in the twilight of the SARS Corona virus. Doctors are treating them differently from other patients.

Zhejiang Province CDC successfully Isolated a new Coronavirus Strain

The Israeli Ministry of Health says all travelers returning from China in the wake of the Corona virus are being allowed to leave the airport after a physical examination.In this case, one is quickly separated from the others just to be suspicious.

China has started building a new hospital to treat coronary patients. The hospital will be able to treat patients within just five days, authorities said.

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