Samsung’s “Unique Dimension” Available for Domestic Users

 If you can’t wear clothes and clothes because of your busy life, it will only work if you have “This Unique Trailer” placed in your home.

South Korean company Samsung is well-known for smartphones, television or the fridge, but its new device is nothing short of magical. This magical wardrobe from South Korean company Samsung will work together with machines such as washing machines and dryers.

This unique device called “air dresser” was introduced during an IFA technology exhibition in Berlin last September but has now been offered for sale. The clothes in the air dresser can be cleaned without surfacing or other chemicals, as well as their bad ironing. It’s basically a closet similar to the LG Styler that helps with drying clothes in the home. Just fold your clothes in the closet and then clean them with a staining or heating system.

The air dresser has a jet air system and air hangers support that drains the garbage around through the air, while the jet stem system performs the cleaning of the dryer by doing the cleaning work.

There is also a filter in the closet that removes the smell of the clothes and makes them fragrant. According to the company, high-temperature smoke can also be used to clean the clothes from germs, while it can be used anywhere in the home.

According to the company, it can help eliminate 4 viruses, including flu and harps.The air dresser has been offered for sale in the UK and is priced at 2,000 pounds (over 4 million Pakistani rupees).

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