SAMSUNG New Folding Screen Phone Galaxy Fold Exposed

Earlier, it was rumored that SAMSUNG planned to launch a lower-priced 256GB version for the Galaxy Fold, a folding-screen phone, but it seems that the plan has changed. Because recently XDA Great God exposed a new SAMSUNG folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold e / Lite.

Recently, XDA God Max Weinbach exposed a Galaxy Fold e / Lite. It is understood that the new model is priced at 1100 US dollars (equivalent to 8,525 Hong Kong dollars), which is similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. Also. He also said that SAMSUNG is preparing three-screen folding screen products, one of which will use a UTG glass screen, and the other two will use plastic screens.

Among the three new phones, the Galaxy Fold 2 is the most exciting. The phone uses the infinity-O screen, and the screen will support a 120Hz update rate, which can be said to be the strongest folding screen mobile phone!

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