Samsung is working with designer brand Thom Browne to launch the Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung has positioned its Galaxy Z Flip as a female, and its design is obviously inspired by Lancombe’s makeup style. Now South Korean media revealed that Samsung is working with high-end designer brand Thom Browne to release the Galaxy Z Flip, which will retail  $ 2,500. The regular version is expected to cost around $ 1,500.

A few weeks ago, Thom Browne announced a short film through his official account, announcing that it would establish a partnership with Samsung. Must Read: Apple issues 25 million Euro fine on France for slowing down older models

Samsung has produced 500,000 Galaxy Z Flip phones and hopes to sell 2.5 million this year. Samsung will officially release the Galaxy Z Flip on February 11, and this phone will be available for sale on Valentine’s Day. Must Read: Samsung is Reconsidering Whether to Participate in the MWC 2020 Show

Samsung relies on its ultra-thin glass screen technology to stand out among its foldable phone competitors and hopes to sell a total of 5 million foldable phones this year, including the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 with an 8-inch screen.

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