Samsung is Reconsidering Whether to Participate in the MWC 2020 Show

A few days ago we reported that LG, Ericsson and other manufacturers planned not to participate in the MWC 2020 exhibition started later this month hosted by GSMA due to a coronavirus outbreak. The executives of these companies said that employee safety is their top priority so they will not consider sending someone to Barcelona. If this is not bad enough for GSMA, then Samsung’s exit from MWC 2020, an important exhibition in the mobile communications industry, is now possible.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Samsung is reconsidering its plans to participate in the event, but no formal decision has been made. According to CNET, many employees of Samsung ’s headquarters in the United States and South Korea have or have planned to cancel their trips to Europe.

As of now, Samsung still plans to set up a booth at MWC 2020, but sources say most of the company’s senior management will not be present at this year’s events.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and has a pivotal position in the mobile terminal industry. The company’s decision not to participate in this event may have a huge impact on the entire exhibition. Having said that, it is inconclusive at this time, because there are still about two weeks before the show, and the rapidly changing situation means that Samsung has enough time to reconsider.

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