Samsung Innovative Phone Patent: Curved Design on Forehead and Chin

As one of the leaders in the smartphone market, Samsung is betting on flexible and foldable screens and may launch more innovative products in the future. Citing Dutch technology media LetsGoDigital, Samsung Display submitted a design application to the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office in the first half of last year and was approved on January 23, 2020. To protect patented technology worldwide.

According to patent illustrations, the forehead and chin part of the front of the fuselage are designed with a semi-circular screen, so there are two sub-screens in addition to a main screen. The sub-screen supports touch control and can display different types of content. Consider standard information such as battery indicators, time and network signals. There are also application icons that users can easily navigate from left to right. This way, you don’t have to return to the main menu to open a new application.

The sub-screen on the chin part is used for quick operations such as calling, text messaging, and camera. In this way, when you are watching a video video, you can adjust the volume and other content on this sub-screen. The screen border is not visible on the side of the device. At the top and bottom, you can see the smallest screen edges, which extend in the same circular line. The edges are precisely proportional, making them look symmetrical and futuristic.

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