SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Series Will Support Hong Kong 5G Network Now!

SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Series Will Support Hong Kong 5G Network Now!

As the three major telecommunications companies in Hong Kong started their 5G network at 00:00 this morning, and only two mobile phones on the market currently support Hong Kong’s 5G network, Samsung announced that it will launch a software update for the Galaxy S20 series and support Hong Kong’s 5G network immediately.

At present, users who have the Galaxy S20 series will receive an update reminder. After the upgrade, they will support Hong Kong’s 5G network on April 1. Users can update the relevant software through the following methods starting today:

Software update version number:

Galaxy S20 Ultra:  G9880ZHU1ATCT / G9880OZS1ATCT / G9880ZCU1ATCT

Galaxy S20 +:  G9860ZHU1ATCT / G9860OZS1ATCT / G9860ZCU1ATCT

Galaxy S20:  G9810ZHU1ATCT / G9810OZS1ATCT / G9810ZCU1ATCT

When a software update is available for download and the device is connected to the Internet, it will automatically receive a push update notification. Users can manually update the device by: “Settings”> “Software Update”> “Download and Install”

Galaxy S20 series phones-Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20 Plus and S20 all support 5G networks. After the user completes the software update, the “5G” icon will appear on the phone’s quick setting panel and it is turned on by default. The user can select the corresponding 5G network SIM card through “Settings”> “Connection”> “Mobile Network”.

After the 5G network is enabled, two types of 5G network icons will appear on the notification bar :

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