Samsung Galaxy Flagship Launch Soon, Google Says Surprise at Launch

Samsung Galaxy Flagship: Samsung has issued an invitation letter to announce that the Galaxy Unpack conference will be held in San Francisco on February 11, at which time the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip folding screen will be released. It is reported that there will be three models of the current generation of the Galaxy S20 series, the highest specification of which must be the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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A few days before the launch, according to the latest news, Samsung may bring more surprises to everyone at this Galaxy Unpack launch. Android official Twitter stated that it will surprise us at the Samsung new product launch. However, Google did not make it clear what the news was.

Samsung Galaxy Flagship Launch Soon, Google Says Surprise at Launch

It is widely speculated that the surprise referred to by Android may be a UI interface specially designed for folding screens, which will enhance the mobile phone experience of folding screens. Another speculation suggests that the new Samsung phone will support Google Duo video chat.

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Finally, in the early morning of February 12, Hong Kong time, the Samsung Galaxy Unpack conference will be officially held. At that time, we will learn more about several new phones.

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