SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds + is released with 22 hours of battery life

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds + is released with 22 hours of battery life

SAMSUNG’s two Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy Z Flip phones, SAMSUNG also announced a new generation of wireless headphones, the Galaxy Buds +, which is priced at the US $ 149 (HK $ 1,157).

Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Buds + headset measures 17.5 x 22.5 x 19.2 mm, weighs 6.3g, and adopts ergonomic design to fit the user’s ears more comfortably. It is available in black, blue and white. Must Read: Apple device warranty extended during outbreak

The Galaxy Buds + is equipped with two-way dynamic speakers, enhanced drivers and 3 microphones (two external microphones + one internal microphone), allowing users to block external sounds during a call. In addition, it has been tuned by AKG at the same time. As with the previous generation, users can perform operations such as playing, pausing, and switching songs through the touch surface. Users can also press and hold the touch surface of the headset to directly play music on Spotify. Must Read: OnePlus 8 Pro Leaked, New Information Surfaced

Samsung Galaxy Buds + has a built-in 85mAh battery, and the charging case is a 270mAh battery. According to the official, the Samsung Galaxy Buds + can play up to 11 hours on a single charge, and with the 270mAh battery of the charging case, it can also play up to 22 hours.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + is priced at US $ 149 (HK $ 1,157) and will be available on the Samsung official website on February 14.

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