Samsung clamshell folding screen phone renderings exposure based on previous information production

News from IT House on December 29. As early as last week, a mysterious Samsung clamshell folding screen mobile phone was exposed, using an up and down fold and a second small screen design. Recently, Sean Mirza produced the latest renderings of this phone based on previous leaks, showing more details.

It is understood that the design renderings are based on the previous mysterious Samsung clamshell folding screen mobile phone prototype, this phone uses a top-down clamshell folding design. The center punch screen is used. On the outside, there is a long screen that can display brief information such as time, power, and notifications. In terms of camera, the main camera is a dual camera design, and it also has a front camera.

Earlier, XDA editor-in-chief Max Weinbach said that the source confirmed that the US operator will have a Samsung “F700U” model. There is a small LED display that displays time, date, and battery information. In terms of camera, dual rear cameras and a front camera are used. The user can slam the phone to end the call.

In terms of price, Max Weinbach revealed that it may be less than 1,000 US dollars (about RMB 6995), which may mean that this Samsung foldable phone will use mid-range specifications and cameras. There is no exact information on whether the name is Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

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