Samsung and The iPhone Company Suffered a Major Shock

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in South Korea, which is also affecting employees of the iPhone and Samsung’s supply factories.

Apple's First Quarter Revenue of $ 91.8 billion Hits a Record High net Profit of $ 22.2 Billion

According to the report, the city of South Korea, ‘Jomi’ is considered to be the largest city to supply smartphones, while the highest number of cases of coronavirus have also been recorded.

Samsung and iPhone production are expected to be severely affected by the closure of factories, while the release of Samsung’s Lets Phone ‘Galaxy S20’ and Galaxy Z Philip ‘may also be postponed.

Samsung plans to increase Chinese chip factory investment to $ 8 billion to increase production

This is the second time this month that Samsung’s supply factory has been shut down, during which time an employee was confirmed to have coronavirus, which has led to the threat of coronavirus spread throughout the company.

The iPhone company, on the other hand, has also warned its investors of the low-income risk in the face of the Kronavirus, which says the company has always been a top priority for our employees, customers, and partners.

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