Samsung and Qualcomm launch new processors for TWS earbuds, know full details

Samsung and Qualcomm launch new processors for TWS earbuds, know full details

Tech giants Samsung and Qualcomm have recently unveiled new processors used on their TWS earbuds. The popularity of TWS earbuds is increasing due to the gradual removal of the headphone jack in today’s smartphones. In this way, Samsung and well-known chipmaker company Qualcomm have launched a new chipset for these earbuds, let’s know its full details.Image result for tws earbuds.

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The first chip is from Samsung. The Korean brand has developed a new power management integrated circuit, which is already present in the Samsung Galaxy Buds +. MUA01 and MUB01 PMICs are the new chips. These will be used in the charging case and buds respectively. The new chips will truly help wireless devices last longer on batteries.Image result for tws earbuds
The new chip does this by creating space. There are ten components nested in a small chip, which reduces the chip size in half. The smaller size has more room for larger batteries. Both chips also have a microcontroller and embedded flash storage by Samsung. This will make it even easier to update the firmware of the buds. In addition, the MUA01 supports both wired and wireless charging cases for TWS earbuds.Image result for tws earbuds
Qualcomm Chip

Qualcomm has unveiled Bluetooth SoC for TWS earbuds. The QCC514X and QCC304X are the newest SOCs from the company for premium and entry-level TWS devices. Both new chips come with voice assistant support and Qualcomm’s hybrid ANC.

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