Russia’s self-developed CPU is blocked

In addition to the United States, China, the European Union, Japan, and South Korea, Russia has also been developing its own processors, and it involves a variety of architectures, either based on MIPS magic modification or a completely self-developed instruction set. Not long ago, the self-developed Elbrus processor of the Russian MSCT company also won the favor of the railway department and purchased 15,000 units based on this CPU at the price of 8,000 yuan each, but now the transaction is yellow. Must Read: Poco X2’s First sale in India Tomorrow, Know Price and Features

According to previous reports, Russian Railways previously purchased a batch of mainframes equipped with domestic processors, totaling 1.08 billion rubles, for a total of 15,000 computers. The single price is about 72,000 rubles, equivalent to RMB 8055. Each PC includes a 23.8-inch display, keyboard and mouse, and host. Must Read: Tecno Spark Go Plus Price in India

These computers will be equipped with a Linux system and equipped with documents, forms, images, and browser software, which should be no problem to meet basic office performance.

The most noticeable set of this host is the self-developed processor of the Russian MSCT company-Elbrus 1C +. From the introduction of the MSCT official website, it is still a single-core processor with a maximum frequency of 1GHz but integrates MGA2 2D acceleration. And GC2500 3D acceleration function, floating-point performance up to 24GFLOPS, double-precision performance 12GFLOPS, support for 2-channel DDR3-1600 memory, manufactured using TSMC’s 40nm process, integrated 375 million transistors.

This purchase was originally an opportunity

to support Russian self-developed processors and PCs, but now the bidding has been abolished because the Russian FAS Federal Antimonopoly Agency received a report and Smart Technologies reported this tender because it was unable to participate in the bidding. After the FAS investigation, the report considered the report to be reasonable because the bidding process was not up to specification.

An important reason for the rejection of the bidding is that the bidding requirements for the specific processor of a specific developer specified-you should be able to guess what this is for, but it is illegal.

The FAS requested the Russian Railways to change the bidding requirements. It is not known whether the processors and PCs developed by Russia will be awarded after the subsequent changes.

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