Rumors of adopting Smart Keyboard for the next iPad, scissor structure and backlight

The MacBook Pro series, which adopted a thin butterfly keyboard from 2016, was replaced with a new scissor-type keyboard (Apple’s nominally “Magic Keyboard”) in the new 16-inch model released last November . It is anticipated that this scissor formula will spread to other MacBook series in the future .

Rumors have been reported that such a scissor-type design will be used in the next generation of Smart Keyboard for iPad or iPad Pro. The gossip comes from the familiar Taiwanese electronics parts industry magazine DigiTimes. The magazine, though unusual , is well- versed in Taiwan’s supply chain information and has a nearly accurate forecast of when AirPods Pro will be available.

DigiTimes first stated that “Apple’s next-generation iPad series is reported to have a scissor-style keyboard.” Since the iPad does not have a keyboard as standard, it can be interpreted as a dedicated optional device, Smart Keyboard.

As a follow-up report. In the second half of 2020, we reported that the new iPad could be launched with a “shining” scissor keyboard. This probably means backlit. Ming-Chi Kuo, an

analyst familiar with Apple’s insider information, said that the Smart Keyboard for iPad is expected to improve probability . However, Kuo claims that the traditional rubber dome style will be maintained instead of the scissor style, which is inconsistent with DigiTimes’s view.

The butterfly keyboard, which was first adopted in the 12-inch MacBook released in 2015, was popular with some users for its thinness and unique keying feeling, but it was weak to the invasion of fine dust and the key response quickly deteriorated Many were reported, and some said that “even if it is repaired free of charge, it will be replaced with the same defective keyboard .

On the other hand, the scissor type adopted from the 16-inch MacBook Pro is an improved version of the past model without such complaints, and it is expected that both users and Apple will reduce the burden.

Although there is no mention of the reason why the Smart Keyboard which did not have any complaints or class action suits can be switched to the scissor style, since the dedicated iPadOS had improvements made to the PC such as file operation and keyboard shortcuts , The operability of the keyboard may be in the direction of approaching the MacBook series. At that time, it seems that a new ESC key and support on iPadOS are also desired.

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