Rs 12 crore worth of Rolls-Royce now available as a taxi

The board of a taxi on the world’s most expensive Rolls-Royce car in India surprised everyone.

A viral picture on social media can be seen in the golden rolls of a Russian car mounted on a taxi.

A user named Siris Chandra shared a photo on Twitter which shows that the most expensive yellow plate car is being brought to the truck.

In addition, a video of a Rolls-Royce vehicle on social media is also going viral.

Another user named Gautam Gund wrote that yes! The car was purchased by Kerala businessman Bobby Chemanor on which tourists coming to his resort will be able to travel.

He stated the price of the ride in Rolls-Royce, saying that the cost of staying in the resort for two days and traveling in Rolls-Royce was 25,000 Indian rupees.

In another video viral on social media, Indian businessman Bobby Chemanor can be heard saying that this is a great package for those who want to ride the Rolls-Royce, only for Rs. Apart from this, you can stay in Kerala resort for up to two days in the same package.

The Indian businessman says that it will not benefit him but it is a unique idea.

Bobby Chenmanor said that if the Rolls-Royce’s normal model is rented for a day, it would cost Rs. 4, 50,000 Indian rupees while the limited edition worth Rs 12 crore available to us has many modern facilities. Also available

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