Realme Band Review: Know how the company’s first fitness tracker in 2020?

Realme Band Review: Realme launched its first fitness tracker Realme Bank in India last week. We have used it for some time and now we are going to tell you its review.

Realme has also launched its new Reality Band with the launch of 6 series. This is the company’s first fitness band. We have used it for some time and now we are going to tell you its review. Ever since Reality has stepped into the smartphone segment, the company has brought a better smartphone than the one. Similarly, the company’s audio products have also been very good in terms of price. The company has priced its fitness band at Rs 1,499, which is quite aggressive. But has the company managed to replicate the same charisma with its fitness band? Let’s know.

Realme Band Review: Know how the company's first fitness tracker?

Realme Band Design & Comfort:

Realme has launched its fitness band in three color options – Yellow, Black, and Green. Talking about the look and design, it is similar to the rest of the fitness tracker found in the market, although the display is slightly curvy. We were given the company black color option for review. Talking about the overall look, it looks good. The strap is also comfortable and the band is quite lightweight too. It can also be put to sleep by wearing it comfortably. Especially for charging, USB direct charge is provided, in such a situation, you do not need any additional charger to charge it. However, a lot of effort is required to open its USB part. In this, a simple button like the new Honor Band could be given.

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Talking about the display, the company has given a 0.96-inch (2.4cm) color TFT LCD display with 80×160 pixels resolution. Due to the curvy display, there is some problem in the viewing angle. Also, there is not much brightness in the display. Therefore, whether it is artificial light above or sunlight, it is very difficult to see the display. In this, the OLED display could be given instead of LCD. Let us tell you that this display is not completely a touch panel. Here is a small touch button like below. This is how the band is operated. Only basic functions can be operated from this. The remaining functions will operate from the app itself. In addition, 5 default watch faces are also given in it.

Realme Band Review:

Realme Band Connectivity and features:

Let me tell you that to turn it on from the first time, you will have to put it in charge, then it will turn on automatically and it will also be off in less than 3 percent battery. To connect it, you must first download the Realme Link app on your smartphone from the App Store. The device has to be paired with the app by turning on its Bluetooth. Once paired, it auto-connects to the smartphone even after Bluetooth on-off. However, when you do the app, it takes some time to sync the data. However, the setting arrangement of the app is quite simple, which makes it easy to access.

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Talking about the features provided in it, it has 9 sports activity tracker (cricket mode exclusive to India), heart rate monitor, sleep detection, water reminder, screen rotation, automatic motion recognition, call-message notification, alarm, res-to- Wake screen, battery up to 9 days and IP68 water resistance have been given. Also, the company has informed that features like cloud multi-dial, multi-language font and weather forecast will come through updates. However, some other functions like timer and phone locator could also be added.

Realme Band Review: Know how the company's first fitness tracker?

Realme Band Performance and Battery:

This band works like steps tracking and heart rate monitoring in a very perfect way. That is, if you go by rickshaw by car then it does not count your steps. That is, Realme has used better sensors. To track sports activity, it has an intelligent sports tracker. In such a situation, it can track the activity by itself. Cricket, yoga, and runs have been given by default in the band. Other sports activities can be added from the user’s app. In sports tracking mode, users will be able to check heart rate and calorie burn.

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The display of this band is not a touch panel and here only one-touch button is provided in the bottom. In such a situation, it may take some time to make a habit of it. However, due to this, there is a problem that only forward can be done with this button, in such a case, it takes time to get back if you miss a function. The rest of the interface is very easy to use and the Reality Link app is also very clean.

Realme Band Review Know how the company's first fitness tracker

One more thing to note is that it is IP68 certified, yet swim tracking has not been given in it. The company has said that it will be safe from dust, dirt, sand and in case of occasional falls in water. Apart from this, this band is also much better in the output of features like sleep tracking, idol alert, and drink reminder. Talking about the Rage-to-Wake screen, this band takes a little more time to turn on the screen after flipping the wrist.

Call and message alerts have also been included in this band. It also shows notifications for apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. It also works much better. However, users can only check the message. Replying or any other type of interaction is not possible and can also be cut by long-pressing the band button during a call.

Talking about battery performance, the company claims that this band can be run for 9 days by keeping the heart rate monitor in manual mode and up to 6 days by keeping the heart rate monitoring continuously. The company’s claim here is quite correct. We used this band for 9 days and even on the last day, 20 percent battery was left. The special thing is that we kept the heart rate monitor continuously for 1 day during use, yet it supported us till the ninth day.

However, one problem is that users can not track sports activity from the band if the battery is less than 20 percent. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge. The special thing is that the company has given the feature of USB direct charging in it.


Realme’s first fitness band is not groundbreaking like the rest of the company’s products, but it is a good and inexpensive product with features like USB direct charging, sleep monitoring and continuous heart rate monitoring. Its biggest problem is screen brightness, due to which it is difficult to use it in direct sunlight. If you want AMOLED display and some more features, then Mi Band 4 or Honor Band 5 can be purchased with a little money.

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