Qualcomm makes laptop chips: main long battery life and low prices challenge Intel

Qualcomm has launched a new notebook computer chip, using its own technical advantages, the relevant notebook computer can only last a day with a battery charge, and can always connect to the Internet , And retail prices can be as low as $ 300.

The notebook computer chip market has been monopolized by Intel, while Qualcomm has taken the lead in the global high-end smartphone chip market. Analysts believe that Qualcomm may have had no illusions to weaken Intel’s dominance in the notebook market. But now, the new set of chips provided by Qualcomm will pose a new challenge to Intel’s position in the notebook market.

“We are not confused. We know it will take a long time to enter this market,” said Miguel Nunes, Qualcomm Product Director. “We also understand that it may take longer.”

Nunez said that being able to build more economical devices will help Qualcomm. However, if consumers are to break the high awareness of the Intel brand and overcome high marketing expenditures, Qualcomm and other new entrants need to open up new channels to reach consumers.

One possible solution is to sell laptops based on Qualcomm chips through mobile operators. Nunez said that, like mobile phones, consumers would be more affordable if they had monthly plans for laptops.

He also said that laptops sold by mobile operators have been able to connect to the Internet just like mobile phones, so many companies will deploy such laptops for their employees.

Nunes said that these laptops can be updated in real time no matter where they are, which is the advantage of being connected to the Internet. Qualcomm’s expansion into the personal computer market is part of a broader effort to bring mobile technology to the market for devices other than smartphones.

The growth of the smartphone market is already slowing, and consumers have shown lower interest in upgrading to phones that have slightly improved performance compared to existing models.

Qualcomm is particularly looking at personal computers, and the company believes that mobile technology-based chips can dramatically improve battery life and keep them connected to the Internet. However, this is something Intel does not have.

“One of the challenges we see is that when you talk about battery life, the computer industry is plagued by many lies.” Nunez said, “Consumers don’t believe you.” He said that Qualcomm’s devices were not for a few days They need to be plugged in, and with the advent of the fifth generation of networks, they will always get extremely fast data, able to take advantage of more powerful computing on the Internet.

Qualcomm is holding its annual meeting in Hawaii. The company introduced new 5G chips for mobile phones, including chips that can make phones cheaper starting early next year, and new products for virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. (Tianmen Mountain)

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