Punjab Police Decides to Participate in Coroner Life Fund

Lahore: Punjab police have also decided to participate in the government-established Corona Relief Fund.

Police have issued a post to deduct salaries according to which the constable 500 and head constable will deduct Rs 700.

Punjab Police’s SI800 and Sub Inspectors will submit Rs 900 to the Coroner Life Fund. SHO will deposit Rs. 1,000 and DSP 1500.

According to the letter, SP and SSP will deduct salary of Rs 2000 while DIG will deduct Rs 3000 salary.

The Punjab government has set up the Chief Minister’s Fund for Corona Control in the wake of the Corona virus. Chief Minister Punjab Usman Bazdar has appealed to the people to donate generously to the funds.

It is to be noted that the Punjab Government has set up a special fund of Rs 5 billion for coronavirus in the province and there are 323 cases of corona in the province.

The Punjab government has also decided to set up a 1,000-bed temporary field hospital for which the budget is initially estimated at 250 million.

Punjab government has set up funds for controlling corona patients, and quarantine for corona patients in three hospitals.

Shopping malls and hotels in the province have been ordered to close at 10pm. Tourist entry into several tourist destinations including Murree has been closed

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