PUBG Mobile Game Free Download With out Internet

PUBG Mobile Game Download Free With out Internet
The popular game PUBG known for playing on smartphones and computers, has set records of its popularity all over the world.

According to sources, mobile phone makers have also announced the introduction of standard priced smartphones that will fully support the game, given the popularity of PUBG Gaming.

PUBG Mobile Game Download Free With out Internet

As per the details, the company introduces new updates for gamers, such as season, map, weapon and other features, so that users can enjoy playing PUBG game as they wish.

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Usually PUBG is downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iPhone Store, which has a file size of about 1.8 gigabytes (GB), if the user downloads or installs the game with their mobile data So much data is lost.

Experts have now found an easy way to download the game without the Internet, allowing users to download PUBG games in a short time.

The procedure is to transfer the PUBG file from your friend’s mobile phone to your mobile via Blue Tooth.

For Android users, use SharePoint, Xander, Easy Share Apps to instantly transfer files.

You will find the game APK file.

Then go to the Android User Files, Android and Data folder where this file will be present. Now, by clicking on this file, go to Percentage option and get Permission. As soon as you get permission, the game will start downloading without internet. The user will be able to play this game after installation.

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