PTA allows 5G non-commercial trials

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority allows 5G non-commercial trials. In accordance with the policy guidelines of the Government of Pakistan, PTA released the Framework for Future Technologies (specifically, Fifth Generation Wireless Network of Pakistan) for trial/delivery of 5G technology and related services on a trial basis.
Following the policy guidelines, the PTA has allowed Jazz (PMCL) Zong (CM Pak) for 6 months in a limited environment for testing and testing of FIVE G technology, only on a non-commercial basis. Limited to trial.
The PTA always encourages support and promotion of new technologies and improved services, however it is misleading to give any impression other than the purpose of any mobile phone operator (CMO). And may take action under the PTA Code. five services in Pakistan will be started on a commercial basis at a fixed time and under the government’s policy guidelines and regular regulatory approval.

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