Proven made in China, domestic Tesla work better than American

Chinese team of electric car maker Tesla is struggling to break the stereotype of the West, that is, using the domestic Model 3 to refute the nonsense of “Made in China”.

Gang (Kevin) Han, associate professor at the Green lee School of Journalism and Communication, Iowa State University, pointed out that before the word “Made in China” was considered to mean low-cost, low-quality goods in the United States, people actually thought about Chinese-made products It is quite positive.

He said: “People really like Chinese products. They think that products such as tea, furniture or tableware are unique. These are high-quality products and have cultural value. But when China became the world’s factory, it was produced for countless brands. With so many products, people change their minds. “

Gang (Kevin) Han added that the media ’s prominent coverage of China-made products has also increased the impression of “poor quality in China”, “we have seen a lot of framed information in these reports and subconsciously received it .

After Tesla announced plans to build a factory in China, these traditional claims were immediately revealed by critics. During the construction of the Shanghai plant, many Tesla critics still ridiculed the so-called quality problems, saying that these problems may eventually become a problem for the domestic Model 3.

For these doubts, the Tesla China team chose to take them seriously. They want to break this traditional impression, and they do. The evaluation of the domestic Model 3 is very positive. The manufacturing process of these vehicles is as precise as surgery.

The gaps in the panels of these vehicles are carefully arranged, and the decorations on them are well matched. In the United States, former General Motors executive Bob Lutz finally praised the quality of Tesla’s China-made Model 3. It is worth noting that the Tesla China team achieved the above achievements in just over a year. The Model 3 is the first mass-produced Tesla car in China, and they will only get better over time.

Tesla shot a lot of close-ups of the domestic Model 3, many of which showed the car’s smooth paint and flawless panel lines, which are difficult to achieve even for Tesla’s American company. In a way, the pictures of the domestic Model 3 seem to be a direct response to “poor quality made in China”, proving that any car made in the Shanghai plant meets quality standards.

Perhaps the most telling question is the personal experience of local car reporters, who were the first to try a domestic Model 3. To their surprise, the domestic Model 3 actually produced better quality cars than those imported from the United States. In view of this, these reporters believe that the domestic Model 3 is likely to be a great success in the Chinese market, because they provide good quality and functionality, and the price is reasonable.

The domestic Model 3 is about to make waves in the Chinese electric car market, and Tesla’s Shanghai plant is now mass-producing this all-electric car. The latest video shot by the drone showed that hundreds of domestic Model 3s were parked in the factory’s parking lot, and transport trucks carrying Model 3 were also photographed leaving the plant. All this indicates that the delivery of the domestic Model 3 is about to begin.

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