Playing Esports with a Mac? Apple may release a gaming Mac next year

As a computer aimed at developers, designers, and creatives, the Mac never really catered to the gaming market. There are many common problems when playing games with Mac, such as dropped frames, hot, automatic mouse acceleration, far fewer games than Windows, and so on. But recent news said that Apple seems to be actively preparing a high-end configuration computer, and plans to use this to enter the gaming market.

Patently Apple, a foreign media focused on Apple, cited sources in Taiwan as saying that Apple plans to launch a PC targeting esports crowds in 2020 with a unit price of up to $ 5,000 (about RMB 34,933), marking Apple’s first entry into e-sports PC field.

Supply chain sources said that the new product might be a large-screen all-in-one iMac or a large-screen gaming laptop, and details are unclear. Apple is expected to announce the news at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next June.

This is a profitable market. Newzoo’s “2019 Global E-sports Market Report” shows that in 2019, global e-sports revenue is expected to grow to $ 1.1 billion, breaking the one billion mark for the first time, and a year-on-year increase of 26.7%. North America will generate $ 410 million in revenue, while China will generate $ 210 million.

According to Patently Apple, the industry expects that with this high unit price new product, manufacturers in Apple’s supply chain, such as assembly plant Quanta, chip supplier TSMC, box manufacturers Hongzhun and Kecheng, power supply manufacturers Delta and Lite-On, fan maker Jianzhun, etc. will get positive gross profit margins.

Making a decent gaming computer is not so simple, especially for Apple, which has always been thin, portable, and pursuing design. It means a reset of the graphics card, an increase in CPU performance, a redesign of the mouse and keyboard, and new demands on the entire game creation industry. Apple needs to encourage game developers to treat macOS as an operating system as important as Windows, which takes time.

Before that, Apple had already tested the gaming industry in an easier way. With the arrival of iOS 13 in September, Apple Arcade launched a game subscription service. It offers more than 100 exclusive games, available on iPadOS and tvOS 13. On October 8, Catalina, the 16th major version of macOS, was officially launched, and all Apple product buyers, whether through mobile phones, tablets or laptops, can use Apple Arcade services.

Apple Arcade currently offers action games, adventure games, and puzzle games. New games are released every month and can be played offline. Some games also support other controllers, such as Xbox wireless controllers, PlayStation DualShock 4 and MFi game controllers.

Of course, only simple games can be played on mobile phones. To get an immersive gaming experience or to engage in fierce battles, you still need a highly configured gaming PC driver.

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